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Struggling to sell enough units to hit the revenue and profit goals in your product-based business? 

You’ve created products that people love, products that make a real difference in the lives of others -  even if only in their own small way. 

You’ve been trying your hardest to get your creations in front of people who want and need them in their lives, selling unit by unit via your website, Etsy or well-attended craft fairs. 

You’ve poured everything you have – your time, your savings and every ounce of energy -- into making this venture a success but sadly, your effort isn’t showing in the figures just yet. 

After growing my own handmade business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with extensive wholesale distribution, private label production for American Girl and licensing agreements with Disney, I remember all too well the growing pains you’re most likely experiencing now: 

  • Your working day starts from the moment you open your eyes and start checking messages on your iPhone.


  • From design, production, marketing and selling, you’re doing everything yourself and wearing all the hats in your business, all at the same time.


  • You’re so over selling unit-by-unit and know that getting your products into stores is the answer but you just don’t know how to go about doing it the right way.


  • You’re intimidated by the thought of being in a room with buyers and don’t want to be seen as an amateur, appear naïve or seem underprepared.


  • You’ve never sold on scale before so you’re unsure of your minimum requirements and equally what resources and costs would be involved if you were to land a sizable order.


  • You’re having to think about all kinds of policies you’ve never had to think about before, between payment terms, returns policies, payment methods, shipping and packaging options you just don’t know where to start.


  • You’re starting to realize that you can no longer do everything on your own but you don’t really know what help you need or how to go about hiring the right way.

If this sounds like the story of your business life, you’re in the right place.

In fact, this is the before story of practically every business owner I’ve ever coached or consulted with one-on-one.


And like I said, as someone who’s been there and done it all myself, I get it, really I do.


You’re doing whatever it takes to make sales and grow your bottom line.  


You’re trying to get your head around the next phase of your business and figure out the etiquette for wholesale meetings and tradeshows while simultaneously trying not to blow the opportunities that come your way.


And while you’ve built a successful business selling individual units, you know that if you want to reclaim your time and recoup your energy, now is the time to leverage and scale.


I'm Jane Button and I work with product-based business owners who want to grow their businesses into household names.

Let’s not kid ourselves here - you and I both know that your current business model isn’t serving you or doing your business any favors.


You’ve probably already challenged yourself multiple times to scale up your operation, market your brand differently and attract more publicity.


But despite your best intentions you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of unit-by-unit orders, which you don’t dare walk away from, after all, they’re your bread and butter income.


Just imagine…


  • Attending tradeshows and confidently connecting with multiple buyers, each with enormous purchasing power.


  • Agreeing to a sale and realizing you’ve just sold more units in 30 minutes to one buyer than you have all year via your website.


  • Knowing that you have commitment for orders that will give you the confidence to hire a team.


  • Having the cash flow to enable you to move production out of your home and into your own commercial premises.



  • Seeing your products included in gift guides, email newsletters and magazines.


These are the kind of results you’ll get when you master



The Art of Selling to Stores is a comprehensive 8-week program for product-based business owners like you, who want to learn the best practices for selling their apparel, accessories, giftware, jewelry, beauty products, toys and home wares wholesale.


During this eight-week group program you’ll learn the strategies you need to know to increase your  visibility, boost your sales and turn your business into a successful and desirable brand.


The Art of Selling to Stores will teach you how to:

  • Create a cohesive product line with a clear brand story that can be easily communicated to and understood by potential buyers.


  • Establish a comprehensive profit system with costs and margins that are contingent on your goals for your individual business.


  • Build a suite of branded marketing assets that will help you sell your line with a greater sense of ease.


  • Establish clear yet flexible terms of sale that benefit both you and your buyers.


  • Perfect your sales pitch and pre-empt answers for any questions or curveballs that arise during business negotiations.


  • Hire effective sales reps to represent your brand and help you grow your business.


  • Market your products and brand effectively via trade shows in a professional and profitable way.


  • Get your products noticed by the right publications for your brand.

Curious about how the eight-course program fits together?






Before you even think about approaching stores, you'll need to have your line completely ready to sell and show. In this module I’ll show you how to evaluate your current or planned products and ensure your line tells a clear story about your brand.

You'll learn:

  • Why sell to stores?
  • Various types of product distribution, which one is best for you?
  • The wholesale mindset for scaling your current business. How you will need to shift your thinking.
  • Edit and review your products, We'll do a full audit of what you've got, what you may need to add, and what you should eliminate.
  • Pulling your collections together: why and how you must do this
  • Edit and review your packaging: Is it currently effective for selling your product line and merchandising at your target stores?
  • Say it like you mean it: Learn to tell  the HISTORY & STORY of your brand.



Start with the end in mind and we'll work through the best prices for your products based on your target market; your ideal stores; and your competition. Be prepared to spend some time researching. You'll also work on your costs and determine if your margins are right for your market. And most importantly will you make any money?

  • Who's your competition: time to do some research. What to look for and why.
  • Time to revisit your target market: Just who are these people?
  • Who's on your Hit List?
  • Create your cost of goods worksheet 
  • Create a bill of materials so you know your suppliers of raw materials. 
  • Create your personal sourcing guide. 
  • Margins required for selling to boutiques vs department stores vs big box and other retailers, and where your wholesale prices need to be to even be considered.


Creating Marketing Materials That Reflect Your Brand Identity: Marketing materials are essential if you want to sell direct to stores. Buyers can determine a lot about your product and your commitment to your brand, simply by how your materials are presented.

  • The Marketing Essentials: Line sheet/Catalog | Order Form | Website
  • Component Parts of all your marketing materials
  • Creating your style numbers and names of products
  • Determine the order in which the products will be shown: why it matters and how to decide
  • How to create an order form with a template and instructions. What must be included.
  • An order form format that will increase sales.
  • Create your line sheet or catalog: what is the difference and what should you choose?
  • Resources for catalog creation
  • Resources for line sheet creation
  • Necessary elements of the creative product website for wholesale



Setting up your payment terms, minimum order quantities or dollar amount, delivery dates and expectations between you and your buyer must be clear and not left to chance. What are the best terms & policies for your product?  Be clear but also be flexible.

  • Your minimum order requirements.
  • Should you offer prepacks? Why these can make a difference for you and the buyer.
  • Payment terms: prepay, deposit or credit terms. How these can impact the sale and how you get paid.
  • When to offer Net-30 or Net-60 payment terms.
  • Start ship and completion dates.
  • Standard practices of department stores and Big Box stores. Can you afford to accept their business?
  • What's your return policy?
  • Acceptable payment methods.
  • Shipping options; what carriers to use and who pays shipping?



Having the confidence and passion in showing your line to potential buyers is just part of your sales pitch. How do you approach a potential buyer or store; what do you say; how often should you reach out to them without being salesy or sleezy. Anticipate questions in advance and make it easy for them to buy.

  • How to show your product line for maximum impact.
  • What not to say to a potential buyer.
  • How to ASK for the order and close the sale.
  • Should you email or call or show up in person to get an appointment?
  • Great ways to find buyer names and pertinent information about buyers,
  • Practice your pitch.
  • Best practices for showing your line in a buyers office or store.
  • Email dos and don'ts.
  • What if they don't buy?
  • After the sale follow up.



The right sales rep can really help you grow your business; the wrong one can stagnate it. Learn how to hire your first rep with eyes wide open. What are they looking for and are you a good fit with their other lines? How to find them, what to ask and what to expect them to do for you. It's a two way street.

  • Before you hire a rep, the one thing you must do.
  • How to investigate a potential sales rep.
  • Do you need a rep?
  • The best ways to find a rep.
  • A rep is an integral business partner or you wouldn't get married on the first date!
  • What will a rep charge for services? Commissions and other fees.
  • The difference between a road rep and a showroom rep, which do you need.
  • What does a rep require from you?
  • Why a contract or written agreement is necessary.



A trade show is a great way to increase sales, sell to more stores and grow your business revenue. It is also a considerable investment of time and money. Know before you go is the rule of thumb here. The more you know about what to expect; how to market in advance and follow through the better off you will be.

  • How to decide which shows you should attend.
  • Setting your budget for the show, samples, travel, decorating and other expenses.
  • Never done a show; set up in advance.
  • Check lists for what to bring.
  • If you have to ship your products and decorations to the show.
  • What to expect in setting up your booth.
  • Decorating your booth for your best brand impact & visibility.
  • Making appointments with buyers before the show even starts.
  • How to walk a show.
  • After the show. 



Social media has made the world smaller. The good news is every brand has a chance to be seen. To grow your business and create sales to stores, you want to be seen in the "right" places and noticed by the "right" publications for your brand.

  • What are you top 10 publications where you'd love to have your brand written up?
  • How to find editors.
  • What to say to an editor or influencer.
  • Why photos matter.
  • Where to start your PR quest
  • Should you hire an agent?


Create your business plan so you never miss a deadline

"If you miss a season, you miss a year!"

Selling with Subscriptions

Learn how to sell consistently with the subscription model

At the heart of The Art of Selling to Stores is my desire to empower small business owners like you with the confidence you need to land the wholesale meetings that might currently feel beyond your reach, and boldly close sales. 

I know right now you probably feel like you’re figuring out the business-side of your business as you go along, especially if your business gathered pace faster than you expected it might.

But here’s the thing:

You cannot continue to live a life in which every waking minute and every square foot of your living space is owned by your business.

In order to reclaim your time and start realizing some of the freedom that you hoped self-employment would give you, you’ve got to start putting systems, structures and processes in place.

And you know what that starts with?

A more efficient way of making sales and generating income.

In contrast to the many other online business programs out there,

The Art of Selling to Stores is a structured mentorship program specifically designed for product-based business owners and the unique challenges they face.

I already know your business model inside-out so you won’t have to waste any time trying to adapt content that’s really meant for coaches or service-based business owners - that’s just not going to cut it.
By the time our work together is done, you’ll have a detailed strategy in place and everything you need to confidently and professionally pitch your products to your dream stores.


What Others Say...

  • For years I had been struggling with a wonderful product but no idea how to get it in to the hands of those who would want and appreciate it.  With absolutely zero knowledge of the fashion industry, working with sales representatives and buyers, and the proper way to market my products, I almost gave up on my dream.  Then I met Jane Button and my hopes were immediately renewed.  
    Jane has shaved years off of my learning curve.  I could easily have become overwhelmed.  With Jane's help I learned to divide the work in to manageable tasks.
    With Jane's help I have identified the best markets for my product and have also manufactured samples, learned techniques for pricing, strategies for marketing, and so much more.  
    I am so grateful to have Jane in my corner.
    Ali Talbert
  • Jane has reinforced my strengths, reminding me of some I'd lost or forgotten about. She's coaxed me (fairly gently) towards better ways to do some of what I've been doing, and patiently 
    (mostly) explained why I need to be doing some things I haven't been doing. Because she's operated at a higher level than I have in the food chain of the business world, she has a perspective I don't, and storehouse of knowledge on operations and systems that I could only learn by trial and error. Because of Jane, I don't have to.
    But to me, Jane's most valuable function is that she serves as a point of accountability. When you work for yourself, it's easy to put things off, procrastinate, or even get just plain sloppy. I can't do that when I have to report in, lol.... I don't want to hear myself explaining why I didn't do something to Jane, so I make sure I just get it done. She keeps me on track. She's also a clear voice when the "overwhelms" threatens to storm the walls - which can happen easily to me, I daresay. 
     I have a co-pilot. I'm flying the plane, but someone who knows the equipment is right next to me in case something goes wrong. Thanks for having my back, Jane!!
    Stefanie Somers
    Stephanie Somers
  • Most business coaches or "gurus" have experience selling coaching or digital products, like e-books.
    I knew selling a physical product was a completely different kettle of
    fish, and that I needed
    specialised knowledge to sell
    my ceramic designs. I was so lucky to find Jane Button.
    She is one of the few teachers
    online that understand retail for brick and mortar shops,
    managing production lines,
    and how to market your
    products via the web.
    She is a wealth of knowledge and
    a rare find. If you are serious
    about building a brand selling physical products, I can't think
    of anyone else better to get
    you on a fast track to success.
    Camila Prada

Just imagine less than a year from now, seeing your products on the shelves
and in the holiday gift guides of the stores you love!

I’ve designed this program so you can get access to all the
guidance, information and accountability you need without
having to make any other high-ticket investments.

With The Art of Selling to Stores, you won’t need to invest
thousands in a business coach.

You won’t need to juggle competing and conflicting advice
from online business experts.

And you won’t have to navigate the time-consuming, not to mention reputation-damaging trial and error that goes along with trying to
figure out how to pitch effectively on your own.

All you need to do is show up, be willing to implement the guidance
we give you and you’ll start to see results right away.


Hi, I'm Jane Button,

Creator of The Art of Selling To Stores.

I created this program for product-based business owners like you, who recognize that to fully potentialize their potential revenue, they need to learn how to effectively sell wholesale to stores.

As the former owner of my own business, I landed my very first bulk sale just months in with Nordstrom.  That $7,000 sale was just the first brick in the road of my multi-million dollar wholesale journey.


Ready to skyrocket your success by learning to sell wholesale?

    • All 8 Full Courses
    • Weekly Group Calls
    • 16 Weeks Live Help
    • Facebook Private Group
    • Downloads and Worksheets
    • Bonus Interviews
    • Bonus Materials
    • Lifetime Access
    4 x $447
    • All 8 Full Courses
    • Weekly Group Calls
    • 16 Weeks Live Help
    • Facebook Private Group
    • Downloads and Worksheets
    • Bonus Interviews
    • Bonus Materials
    • Lifetime Access
    FULL PAY ONLY  $6497
    • FULL PAY BONUS ONLY includes 1 Month Free of Consistent Social Media: We create your SM calendar, graphics & post to FB & Instagram
    • LIVE MASTERMIND 3 Day Event
    • 10 One on One Strategy Sessions with Jane
    • Special Private FB Group
    5 PAY PLAN
     2 x $3400
    • LIVE MASTERMIND 3 Day Event
    • 10 One on One Strategy Sessions with Jane
    • Special Private FB Group

Take 30 days to see what’s possible for you and your business…

The strategies and tutorials that I teach in The Art of Selling To Stores are the exact techniques I used to grow my own multi-million dollar product-based business,
so I know 100% that they work.

I know that if you watch the videos, apply your learning to your business using the worksheets, and show up during office hours in the Facebook group, you will get results.

That said if after 30 days of working through the program as described above you are unsatisfied for any reason, I will gladly refund your full investment.

Simply email me with your completed worksheets to show your commitment to the course thus far and you’ll receive a full refund.

You’re ready for The Art of Selling to Stores if…

*You’re the creative designer of apparel, accessories, gifting, beauty products, jewelry, toys, food or home decoration products or the maker of any other handmade product and are struggling to scale up your business.

*You’re done with selling unit-by-unit at craft shows and retail fairs - they’re taking over your life and zapping all your time and energy.

*You have a good online presence, have built a customer-base and some solid social proof and are ready to go wholesale.

*You have desirable, well-designed products that could be easily scaled with proper manufacturing.ith proper manufacturing.

You’re probably not ready for The Art of Selling to stores if...

*You don’t see yourself growing a team and growing your business - it’s more of a lucrative hobby and you like it that way.

*You’re reluctant to start outsourcing certain tasks and want to stay in first-person control of every touch-point in your business.

*You’re not willing to put in the hard work now so that you can reap the benefits of leveraging and scaling your business later.




Still have a question? Your answer could well be right here!

Will it work?

I wish I could categorically tell you that The Art of Selling To Stores will definitely work for you but I just can’t make that claim.  Why?  Because the truth is, I have no idea what you’ll do with this content once you invest in it.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?
No, not if you don’t want to.  But you should know that the private Facebook group is where I’ll be spending a lot of my time helping and supporting those who do engage.
I'm not sure I'm ready to make this investment...

When it comes down it, the question of whether your investment in The Art of Selling To Stores is worth it is really up to you.  But let me tell you this:  I don’t think there’s been a single student who has enrolled who hasn’t in some way been hesitant about the price tag beforehand.

But the bottom line is this:

When you make the decision to join us you’re investing in more than just an online program - you’re investing in yourself.   Your hopes, your dreams and your future.
How do I pay?
I accept payment via PayPal or any major credit card.  If you decide to enroll in The Art of Selling To Stores on a payment plan, the second payment will trigger 30 days after the original and so on until you have paid in full
Im enrolled! What happens next?

As soon as you’ve enrolled you’ll receive an email from me welcoming you to the program, containing all the details you’ll need in order to request access to the private community.  

You’ll want to have time to get to know your course mates before working through the content.


What if I find the program isn't for me? Can I get a refund?

I’m pretty sure that once you experience The Art of Selling To Stores you won’t want to leave.  

That said if after 30 days of working through the program as described above you are unsatisfied for any reason I’ll gladly refund your full investment.


Simply email me with your completed worksheets to show your commitment to the program and you’ll receive a full refund.


What about the live 3-day Mastermind event in the VIP Option?
This special VIP event will take place in June You'll bring your samples and martketing materials and we'll work on your businesses in a small group setting. This is a personal private event. Most meals are included; you will be responsible for your travel and local accommodations.

How much additional money will I need to invest in order to implement what the course teaches?
It really just depends. If you’re just starting out you may not have established some
of the tools that you’ll need in your business such as line sheets and order forms
so there may be design and printing costs involved. If you don’t have a set of
samples, you will need to get at least three sets made, including a complete
set for each of your sales reps.

How much support is available to me?
You’ll have access to weekly live Q & A calls and I’ll be active in the
Facebook group on a daily basis.

The course is lifetime...what happens when the 16 weeks live support is over?
The group won’t disappear. You’ll have access to the group on an ongoing basis.
I won’t disappear either! I’ll still be in the group checking in with you weekly.


  • It really matters to me that you have all the information you need before you invest so you can feel confident that you’re suited for The Art of Selling To Stores.

    Is there something holding you back?

    Email me and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.